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News, data and analysis on the global primary – and secondary – loan markets
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LoanConnector is Thomson Reuters LPC's one-stop online solution for the global primary — and now — secondary loan markets. It provides users with instant market intelligence and access to a wide suite of online news, data and analysis, including late-breaking news, forward deal calendars, pricing grids, historical data, industry analysis and much more, empowering you with the information you need to work more effectively and efficiently.

Continue reading to get to know the new LoanConnector.

Market Monitor

Choose from more than 100 search criteria to build your LoanConnector home page
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LoanConnector's framework is built around what we refer to as landing pages. When you first log on, you will be taken to a landing page based on your pre-determined geographic location and a "market overall" setting. From there, you can begin modifying and customizing LoanConnector. To get a good feel for LoanConnector's content and navigation, start by reviewing your landing page options.

From the Market Monitor menu item, you can navigate through more than 100 search criteria used to build your landing page. Begin by selecting the region you are interested in, then drill down using the large number of industry and segment drop-down items. From here you can get a very good idea as to the breadth of content and the intuitive functionality offered by LoanConnector.


The top source for comprehensive historical deal information on the global loan markets
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DealScan — a long-standing and trusted part of LoanConnector — is the world's number one source for comprehensive, reliable historical deal information on the global loan markets. Now DealScan is more intuitive, more user friendly, and much more powerful, featuring nearly 200 search fields.

Navigating DealScan is easy: The default screen is populated with headers that contain possible search items. Click "Collapse All" to see the full headers available, then expand each header as needed to expose and select the fields you want. Conversely, you can click "more fields" to expose the same customization fields in a pop-up window and make your selections from there. Selections are reflected in search fields on DealScan main page. Once fields are set, they remain until you change them.

Users are encouraged to do broad-based searches in DealScan. After entering criteria in search fields, select your report type and currency, then run report. When the details are returned, you will notice that DealScan has further broken down your results in fields on the left hand side. Navigate through these results to further drill down; after you select, click refresh and a new, refined search takes place. You can then scroll through to view the highlights of the tranche. You can also alter the report type by using the drop-down menu. Other options available include Chart (further customizable within the tool; the chart that's generated can be exported), Custom Report, Detailed Report, League Table Report, Bank Inventory Report and Totals and Averages Report.


Personlized data delivery & custom secondary portfolios
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The MyLPC function in LoanConnector offers two additional customization tools; one from the legacy LoanConnector platform — MyLPC Alerts — and one from the retired SMi platform — My Watchlist.

My Watchlist enables users to isolate both secondary and primary loan tranches inside of LoanConnector, add them a watchlist, and then see updated prices each day — based on previous end-of-day pricing. Anywhere you see a check box next to a loan in LoanConnector (for example, on a company page or within the facilities tab on any landing page), that loan can be added to your Watchlist.

Layout within My Watchlist is similar to that of the landing pages in LoanConnector, with the left-hand menu showing data based on the loans in your watchlist (Watchlist performance, ratings, data bank, Secondary Bid Highlights). Like the other landing pages on LoanConnector, there are a series of tabs through which you can navigate:

  • Overview: The default tab, this displays a performance chart showing how the loans in your watchlist performed against the market overall, as well as boxes showing secondary facility distributions for that day, that week and that month, and another showing top ten holdings by deal size.
  • News: This tab displays all LoanConnector news related to the loans in your watchlist
  • Secondary Bid Highlights: This shows the statistical movements that have taken place for the loans in your watchlist
  • Databank: Shows primary and secondary loans that are made up from loans in your watchlist
  • Details: Allows you to pick and choose certain terms and conditions for the loans in your watchlist listed for your watchlist on this particular tab.
  • My LPC Alerts, a function of our legacy LoanConnector platform, this feature allows users to set up e-mail alerts which they will receive on a daily basis:

  • Daily Digest: A once-daily summary report, based on criteria you have chosen, sent at 6:00 PM in your region.
  • MyLPC notifications: Sends an e-mail each time a piece of content is uploaded to LoanConnector that matches your criteria. You select the region, market, and document type you want to receive updates for. Select up to 30 companies and/or industries, enter specific keywords (use drop-down for available keywords).
  • iQuery

    Customizable secondary loan pricing data at your fingertips
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    Another imported function brought to LoanConnector from our retired SMi platform, iQuery charts secondary loans to find price history. The default view charts the SMi 100 and the LPC Top 40 Leveraged benchmarks for the statistic "average bid." From there you can begin customizing:

  • From the Segments drop-down on the left, select the segments and statistics you wish to add to the chart. The additions are now reflected on the chart alongside the SMi 100 and LPC Top 40, both of which can be removed if desired.
  • The Watchlists drop-down enables users to add their watchlists to the chart.
  • The Loans drop-down adds loans to the chart. After selecting your loans, they are posted to the chart against the previously-entered data.
  • The Bonds drop-down (new to iQuery) shows bonds for any entity that has loans to trade. (Note: not every bond will be listed in LoanConnector.) Search by company, and if they have bonds, those can be added to your chart. The date range can be changed by utilizing the tools on the upper right hand portion of the screen.
  • Your results can also be downloaded; just click the "View Chart Dataset" button, then click "download."
  • Analytics

    Powerful primary and secondary loan market analysis
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    The new LoanConnector continues to offer all the loan market analytics that placed Thomson Reuters LPC on the map. Under each region in the Market Monitor menu, you'll find the Analytics section. From this menu, you have access directly to all of LoanConnector's primary and secondary market analytics. Broken down by market segment, analytics on offer include calendars, pricing grids, historical data, relative value, current bids, league tables, weekly features and more, all just a click away.

    On each individual analytic page, you'll find buttons across the top right. Here you can quickly print the page, access archives where available for that specific analytic or download the data in an excel file.

    Depth of Content

    Explore news headlines, company details, secondary, ratings, facilities and more
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    Along the top of the main section of your LoanConnector landing page – off to the right – you will see a series of tabs which help you find the specific information you may be seeking: News, Secondary Highlights, Databank, Ratings, and Facilities. The default view is the News stab.

  • News: In the center of the landing page you see the Featuree Stories section, containing reports from LPC's loan market-dedicated staff of editors and reporters. Below that is LoanConnector's Breaking News feed, which is customizable by current page (based upon your landing page settings), global news (all news, every segment, every region), secondary market news (news on entities in your region who trade loans) and most popular news (stories in your region that are being clicked on the most). Choose from a set of established date ranges in the "date range" drop-down box, or "set custom" to create your own range.
  • Secondary Highlights: A popular feature from our retired SMi platform, this tab shows loans that reflect daily price moves. Scroll to view a number of criteria. Positive moves are reflected in green, while decliners are reflected in red. Search loan information for that day, that week, or that month. Information can be downloaded or added to a Watchlist.
  • Databank: Another imported function from SMi, this tab provides meaningful stats on Primary and Secondary facilities.
  • Ratings: Updated daily, this tab shows the most current issue and issuer ratings over the last 30 days. You can further filter this data by clicking on a series of tabs: Upgrade, Downgrade, New Ratings and Watch Changes, which shows any issuer who has been placed on a watch by the ratings agencies.
  • Facilities: A list of every active facility (as determined by LPC) in the market and segment you've selected; results can be filtered to show only those with an "active secondary price". Date is sortable by column headings in blue across the top of the frame. From your results, click the borrower name to go to the company page, click the LIN to go to the instrument page, etc.
  • Search

    Multiple quick search tools & thorough advanced search capacity
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    The top navigation bar search in LoanConnector is fast and intuitive. There are three options for searching: search by Company, by Keyword, or by LIN/CUSIP. Start by clicking the drop-down arrow on the search box to choose one of these search criteria, then begin typing. The box auto fills as you type, narrowing your search. When you reach your desired search item, click the magnifying glass next to the box to perform the search. A successful company search will take you to that company's page; a successful keyword search will display documents pertaining to that keyword in the main frame, with filters on the left to narrow your search; a successful LIN/CUSIP search will display the loan and enable you to click for more details.

    Advanced Search
    Advanced search is a powerful tool, used to make searches as focused and specific as possible. A comprehensive list of criteria covering dates, geography, industry, deal specifics and more can be selected to perform incredibly targeted searches. Advanced Search criteria can be saved and used again.







    Depth of


    Additional Resources


  • Thomson Reuters Knowledge Network Video (6:00) | Email address required on initial visit. No registration.
  • Product demonstration highlighting new secondary loan market content in LoanConnector (10:27) | Requires WebEx browser plug-in.
  • Product demonstration highlighting DealScan (7:52) | Requires WebEx browser plug-in.
  • Product demonstration highlighting primary loan market content for traditional SMi users (8:26) | Requires WebEx browser plug-in.

  • Fliers

  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional LoanConnector platform, Americas (PDF)
  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional LoanConnector platform, Asia Pacific (PDF)
  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional LoanConnector platform, EMEA (PDF)

  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional Secondary Market intelligence (SMi) platform, Americas (PDF)
  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional Secondary Market intelligence (SMi) platform, Asia Pacific (PDF)
  • New LoanConnector for users of the traditional Secondary Market intelligence (SMi) platform, EMEA (PDF)

  • Quick Reference/User Guides

  • New LoanConnector (U.S. letter size PDF)
  • New LoanConnector (A4 size PDF, EMEA and Asia Pacific)
  • New DealScan (U.S. letter size PDF)
  • New DealScan (A4 size PDF, EMEA and Asia Pacific)
  • One-page highlight of new secondary content, Americas (PDF)
  • One-page highlight of new secondary content, Asia Pacific (PDF)
  • One-page highlight of new secondary content, EMEA (PDF)
  • One-page highlight of primary content for SMi users, Americas (PDF)
  • One-page highlight of primary content for SMi users, Asia Pacific (PDF)
  • One-page highlight of primary content for SMi users, EMEA (PDF)

  • Technical Documents

  • LoanConnector & Your Internet Browser (U.S. letter size PDF)
  • LoanConnector & Your Internet Browser (A4 size PDF, EMEA and Asia Pacific)