Those seeking to invest in Business Development Companies (BDCs) have run into problems when it comes to conducting research. There has been lack of pricing transparency for a BDC's portfolio of assets, and investors were left to spend hours sourcing SEC filings manually for disparate data sets. Then, assuming they could get the information they needed, there was no uniform, organized way to present the data.

This has all changed with the launch of BDC Collateral, by Thomson Reuters LPC.

BDC Collateral provides a standardized view of the BDC asset class, arming investors, arrangers, managers and lenders with data on nearly 100 public and private BDCs.

BDC Collateral is a standalone web application that's designed to show/price the underlying asset pools of the BDC (traded/non-traded), and provide more transparency on these underlying portfolio constituents. The platform extracts this information from the quarterly BDC earnings reports/filings – within 8 hours of publication – and the data is exportable to Microsoft Excel.

What's more, the data in the BDC Collateral platform is enhanced with exclusive analysis from across the universe of Thomson Reuters and LPC offerings, including LoanConnector, DealScan, LPC Collateral, Thomson Reuters Eikon, and daily LPC asset pricing from the LSTA/ Thomson Reuters Mark-to-Market pricing service.

Thomson Reuters LPC has long been a leader in covering both broadly syndicated and Middle Market loans. Now, with BDC Collateral, LPC addresses the challenges associated with investing in and analyzing BDCs, providing the ability to quickly evaluate a BDC portfolio down to the asset level.

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